Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no pressure...

here's the first poem (by me... took a while to pick out because it's the first one!!!  it's from a few years ago)

little girl, little girl
she can hardly sit still
her eyes can never focus, her heart cannot slow down
always needing something
needing someone to be around
always talking and listening
because she’s afraid she’ll forget the sound

she dances to the music in her head
because she’s afraid of silence
always moving because she’s afraid to be still
(that things will stay the same)
she’s waiting for the rain
because she’s afraid of no change
always looking for something else
afraid to let things stay the same

what are you looking for little girl, little girl?
a place that is home
a person that is home
a feeling that is home
arms that are home
when will you find it little girl, little girl?
she just does not know

she dreams of a difference
she longs for that change
yet here she sits writing her verse
as if anything can be resolved with just words
because as afraid as she is that she’ll never feel
she’s more terrified to find it, afraid it won’t be real
afraid it can’t be real

little girl, little girl
keep on dreaming little girl
you can’t give up
i need you to hope for me
don’t accept this
i need you to dream

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