Saturday, November 14, 2009

short attention span

you'll see published on here mostly poetry, because they don't take very long to write.  don't get me wrong- they aren't always easy, they get read and re-read five hundred times until i word them exactly how i want them, and even then, sometimes other people read them and have suggestions, so i change them!  i was in a poetry class in college where we had to weekly write a poem and share it with the class and give comments and stuff.  it was online.  all the comments were always "oh yay, you did good" and never real critique.  the professor was good about it though.  she really helped me with my sonnets.

ha!  i've already gone off topic.  i do have a point, and i might make it there.  poems are a complete thought.  a SINGLE complete thought.  i do write some poems in sequence, but they stand on their own.  (at least i think so).  however, as a writer, i have another passion besides verse.  storytelling can be equally as eloquent, if not quite as metered.  i love writing stories.  short stories are fun, though i haven't written one in forever.  i've started four novels.  recently i combined two of them, so i guess i have three started.  i love them.  they're my babies.  i know the stories and nearly all the words.  the problem is, i write like a chapter, then stop.  and don't pick it up for weeks.  or months.  and then i re-read all i have written so i know what's what and then i write another chapter.  one book i've been working on since high school.  that's sad, i know, but that's how i am in life.  pick up a hobby for a week.  drop it.  pick it back up next year.  i'm not sure the reason.

the other issue is though i know i should be working on the one story that i have written the most of, the good one, the one people have read and liked.  but then i get inspired to work on the second longest one, or the one that is just starting to look like a good book.  it depends on what i'm reading at the time, a movie i see, any kind of art.  it's very distracting.  and makes it hard to get anywhere with novels.  it's something i'm working to overcome, setting goals and keeping journals.  does anyone else struggle with this?

later days...

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