Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what this is about

why hello there.

i like to write.  i have a notebook i keep with me at all times should i desperately need to write something down before i forget it.  all of my notebooks i've ever had are in some drawers in closet.  they have random ideas, completed stories, poems (drafts first through final), even sketches.  i like to write.  i also like to let other people read my writing, but not very often.  i want what i write to be liked, but i don't know if other people will like it, so i don't let anyone read it, so therefore it is most certainly not liked because there's no one to like it!  convoluted, yes, but sound.

i'm in a middle of writing a novel right now.  i've written lots and lots of poems.  i also like short stories, and had i any talent whatsoever at drawing, i would make a webcomic too, because those are nifty.  while i have the normal 9-to-5 (or in this case, 8:30-to-7) my goal is for all my free time writing and creating to become my "job".  but, even though that's not the case now, i can't help but write.  a story idea, a character, even a line will get in my head and i have to have somewhere to put it.

SO- i'm not going to let my stories and poems and sketches just sit in notebooks in a closet and hide from the world.  i want to share them!  i want people to enjoy them!  or not enjoy them, because that's fine too.  being an english major in college, i know that even in that community it's "cooler" just to sit around talking about famous people's works and not talk about any personal writing we've done.  that's just silly.  there's crazy good writers out there that haven't been and may not be published, but i want to read them anyways!

i'm going to post my writings on here.  if you want your stuff posted on here too, send it to me, and i will post it.  if you want to comment on what is posted, feel free!  you can say lovely things, like "omigoshwow you are amazing!", or helpful things, like "the wording in line two is totally confusing, you should change it."  however, you may NOT say mean things, like "omigoshwow, you suck!"  i will not let those comments be!  Superpen will destroy them!  i can't wait for this to start rolling!

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